Wednesday, 7 March 2012

for you~

Assalamualaikum and hi.
Today I want to tell a story about my friend.  the  kind, beautiful, caring friend. hahaha. I know maybe I will make many grammar error, but for her .I try to write in English.  I know, she will correct my words and my sentences. That’s many stories I want to write .haha. She is my best friend ever. Even I know maybe me not a very good friend to her. But, sincerely I want she know that she have complete me. I am happy with her. She more matured than me. she like may sibling , my sister because I do not have once. First time I met her in our first class specifically in front of CTU class. She introduced herself as DJ. My first impression when I met her, “she like an up-to-date girl with her name. Will she be my friend? ” but when I know her , actually she is friendly and thanks ALLAH because let me have a friend like SITI KHADIJAH BINTI LUKMAN. Dj  I hope we will be a good friend forever. I love you and I will miss you so much. Thanks because you want be my friend. Always company me.  Always smile with whatever I have said to you.  Even with came from a same country but mersing its too far from batu pahat. I promise when I am free or exactly true when I have my own car, we will hang out together. Seriously I will miss our moment together.

dj & dieya